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How to Succeed

My advice to young people. 25 years old. Make enough mistakes. do not worry. fall down. stand up. Fell, stand up again. I mean, enjoy it, if you are 25, then you should enjoy...


5 Pertanda Anda Tidak Cocok Jadi Entrepreneur

Sahabat entrepreneur, salam hebat luar biasa..!!. Pada tips kali ini, saya akan membahas tentang orang-orang yang tidak cocok menjadi entrepreneur. Apakah semua orang cocok menjadi entrepreneur? . Judul kali ini adalah : “5 Pertanda...


12 Shocking Habits of Successful People

hey everyone. aymes peter from typing and today we’re. going to learn about 12 fucking habets. also successful people well let’s start. number one week in April the most. successful people requires simple change....